Skype homeopathy consultations with our UK homeopath are available wherever you are in the world

We're quite clear that at Phoenix Homeopathy, we don't heal anyone ourselves: instead, we see self-healing as your own system's job, and one that it can often start to do do brilliantly well, with a little carefully-targeted energetic help.

Instead, from a truly holistic viewpoint, whatever complaint or unhappiness is troubling you, our ultimate aim, as we work with you, is to uncover the root cause of your lack of wellbeing, and then use our training, skill and many years of experience to find individualised homeopathic remedies, homeobotanicals and/or flower essences to suit you, with the aim of sparking self-healing and a return to equilibrium.

Getting to the root of it

Sometimes, you'll be able to tell us exactly what the underlying cause of your ailment is; at other times, because ill-health, burdened organs/systems, and unhappinesses, can build up over time, the origins of your problem may be more obscure, and in these cases, our painstaking, supportive and thorough casetaking skills may be needed to help you start to identify what's really wrong, deep down, so that you can make changes in your wellbeing.

We're expert in homeopathy, but you are the expert in you, so we'll need to work closely together, especially as there are over 4,000 possible homeopathic remedies alone (plus hundreds of possible homeobotanicals personal blends, and flower essence mixes, for us to select your individualised programme from.

We'll need to get to know you incredibly well: your presenting complaints, of course, but also your past medical history, personality, likes, dislikes, quirks and characteristic, and even your family medical history (if known). 

South Asian man using Skype on his laptop for homeopathy consultation with Phoenix Homeopathy, Telford, UK

Consult with us from home (or work)

Most of our clients choose the convenience of distance consultations, using Skype (from their homes or workplace) for most consultations (assuming their case is suitable), as this enables us to see and speak with each other, wherever you are in the world. Skype is a free VOIP or 'voice over internet' service which avoids the cost of expensive lengthy and long-distance phone calls, and is super-easy to set up on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, as long as you have internet access). Skype consultations usually work brilliantly, because they mean you can have your sessions from the comfort of your home, or the convenience of your workplace, avoiding the hassle and expense of travelling to see us in person.

If you prefer, telephone consultations and (if you're local to us in Lawley, in Shropshire, UK) face-to-face are also possible. 

Scheduling & wait list

When you choose to work with us, we understand that you're likely to be impatient to get started. Our clinic is extremely popular, and new client appointments are often booked out many weeks ahead (depending on your availability), so get in touch to book your slot as soon as you can. We will always try to fit you in as soon as we can, especially if you're in physical or emotional pain, and have a waiting list system too, so if an earlier slot unexpectedly becomes free while you're waiting for your scheduled date, we'll contact you to see if we can bring your appointment forwards.All consultations with us are payable in full, by debit or credit .card, at the time of booking, to reserve the considerable clinic time (around half a day's work in total) that we set aside for each new patient. Fees for homeopathic remedies, homeobotanicals and flower essences, and for shipping, are payable on the day that we agree on what you need me to send out.

Contact us to register & book in

Once you've contacted us to register with us as a client, and have booked your initial appointment slot, we get cracking on your case straightaway. We will want to start to learn as much as we can about your individuality, so we'll email you out our in-depth new client health questionnaire - be sure to complete and return this as soon as possible, so that we can start studying it even before your first consultation slot comes round. We'll add what you tell us on the questionnaire to the detailed knowledge about you we'll gather during your in-depth initial Skype consultation. (Allow around 30-60min to complete your patient health questionnaire to return to us; plus 1hr45min for your first longer consultation.)

Follow-up consultations

We'll continue learning about what makes you unique during regular follow-up Skype consultations (allow 30-45min), usually scheduled every 3-8 weeks (average every 4-5 weeks) while you're feeling unwell or unhappy.

When you’re feeling better

Our ultimate aim is make ourselves redundant in every case as quickly as possible, as that means you're feeling better (we've found our happy clients often send their friends, family and work colleagues to us at this point, and this is how our practice has grown). So when you start to feel yourself again, we'll usually recommend spacing your appointments out further.

Many clients keep up a schedule of regular maintenance consultations every few weeks or months, however, appreciating the chance to take a regular slice of me-time out of their busy lives, or choosing to work on personal development issues. A six-monthly appointment for 2-3 years after an initial course of treatment is often advised, to maintain wellbeing, especially in the case of infants or children.

Contact us, fee scale & questions

If you have any questions about consultations after reading this, or for information about our current fee schedule, you can contact us here.