Professional information about Sarah Whittaker, natural healthcare practitioner at Phoenix Homeopathy Ltd

Training, qualifications & experience

I initially trained in homeopathy over five years, first at the uber-traditional classical London College of Classical Homeopathy, and then at the more practical and modern South East College of Homeopathy.  I graduated as a Licentiate in Homeopathy (LSECH) in 2002, and completed my postgraduate year in 2003 (MSECH).

I then completed the Society of Homeopaths' Registered Member programme (RSHom), before training as a level 2 Australian Bush flower essence practitioner.

Via voluntary work, I have gained training and experience in effective listening & befriending skills, to help those going through severe emotional crisis.

I work as a supervisor to other homeopaths and natural healthcare practitioners, and have completed training in effective supervision skills with both the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and the Society of Homeopaths.

More recently, I qualified to practice Homeobotanicals Therapy (believed to be the biggest complementary healthcare modality in New Zealand, and fast proving popular in the UK), entitling me to use the letters HbT after my name.

An excellent practitioner never stops learning, of course:  I engage in continuing professional development, research, peer supervision, business mentoring and on-going personal development.

Sarah Whittaker LSECH, MSECH, RSHom, HbT

  • Licensed & Registered Homeopath
  • Homeobotanicals Therapist
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner 


My practice, Phoenix Homeopathy, was judged to be in the top three outstanding alternative health practices in the UK in the Complementary & Alternative Medicine Awards 2006.

In 2007, I was delighted to be awarded first prize at the Complementary & Alternative Medicine Awards 2007 in recognition of outstanding contribution to the community, for my training clinic project that provided ultra-low cost treatment for clients, alongside an innovative supported student clinic, providing trainee homeopaths and newly-qualified practitioners with clients, premises, homeopathic remedies, supervision and business guidance.

Media & publications

In 2008, I appeared on BBC Radio Sussex, on the Neil Pringle Breakfast show, discussing homeopathy.

With business coach James Butler of Painless Practice, I co-authored 'Running a Successful Homeopathic Practice', an informative guide for other homeopaths, published successful homeopathic practice, published by the Society of Homeopaths.

I was visiting tutor at the South East College of Homeopathy for several years, wrote a long-running blog about homeopathy for Brighton's Evening Argus newspaper, and have also written several articles about homeopathy for both general interest magazines and professional journals.

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