About homeopathy, homeobotanical therapy and Australian Bushflower essence therapy at Phoenix Homeopathy in Shropshire

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Put simply, our approach aims to encourage your own innate self-healing ability, to bring you back into wellness, using non-toxic natural remedies. We want you to be the best you that you can be.

21st century homeopathy

Using our skill, training and years of experience, we match the detailed information we gather about you during your consultations with one or more of over 4,000 possible homeopathic remedies, supported (if you wish) with homeobotanicals (clever personal blends of specially-dilute and potentised herbs) and/or flower essences, all aimed at encouraging your own body to self-heal, restore equilibrium and balance.

No two clients are the same, so no two clients will receive the same remedy programme - this is because what we treat holistically is you, rather than a disease or diagnosis.

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Classical or practical homeopathy?

Unusually, we are trained in both the traditional classical 'single remedy and wait' homeopathic approach, as well as in an array of more modern and complex practical homeopathic methods. Our unique approach combines the very best from both schools of thought.

We are always looking for the key to your case, asking "what is or was so bad that your system's best attempt to keep you safe was to develop this illness or unhappiness?", and always looking for the thing in nature that you're most like (are you a busy bee who needs Apis, a reactive chemical element who needs Phosphorus, or a sometimes-anxious climbing plant that needs support, like Gelsemium, for example?).

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