Feedback & reviews from some Phoenix Homeopathy Ltd clients

Everyone’s experience of homeopathy is different, and past patients’ comments should not be taken as implying that homeopathy can treat or cure any named disease or symptom, but this is what some of Phoenix Homeopathy’s patients have said about their own personal and subjective experience of working with us (and given us permission to share with you)*

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Image of Sally and Gabriel clients of Phoenix Homeopathy Ltd

Sally & Gabriel

"My son Gabriel… was a beautiful robust healthy child full of energy. When he reached 9 months he started to suffer from a wet chest and runny noses, then at a year he started getting eczema on the back of his knees. The wet chest became a constant problem and the eczema came and went on his legs… His symptoms carried on and off up until the age of 4 when I finally asked Sarah to help. Sarah has been my homeopath for a few years but I had self treated my son … I needed a guide and so did Gabriel’s skin which was now constantly red and sore and had spread from his knees to the whole of his legs and was now creeping up his lower back. So she could get a better sense of who he was and how he was we paid a visit to her clinic… I have since spoken to Sarah about Gabriel via Skype or telephone which really helps me as I juggle work, home and school! Sarah put Gabriel on her Skin Programme… We religiously followed the programme and started to notice a significant improvement. Within 5 months Gabriel was entirely eczema free and has remained so and I am now quite envious of his lovely complexion. Because the approach to homeopathy is different to going to see your GP, in that you regularly ‘check in’ with your homeopath to keep well… we kept up a regular slot for Gabriel. Through this I was able to raise… some concerns I had with his development at school… I had noticed and so had his teachers that he could not concentrate very well, and was quite reluctant to study… his mind was all over the place never fixed on one thing. I asked Sarah for advice… Sarah had identified Gabriel’s constitutional remedy by asking lots of questions regarding things like his love of cold, crunchy, refreshing foods, a thirst for cold drinks, preferring savoury over sweet, is he better with company or on his own. Lots of little questions about his being that all help the homeopath to recognise the right course of treatment… Sarah sent us remedies… they have really done the trick. Two weeks later Gabriel came home from school with a special teacher’s award for his reading! His first award from school and his teacher could not believe the turn around in him… He had a complete breath of fresh air about him that has created a lust for learning. He insists we look at his reading books and key words every day when I struggled to get him to do it even one day a week! The remedies just helped or nudged him towards where he really wanted to be and it’s wonderful to see him get that feeling of accomplishment. I cannot recommend Sarah or homeopathy highly enough; I don’t know where we would be without them both!"

Sally (& Gabriel) Durkin, Southampton UK (Sally and Gabriel chose an initial face-to-face consultation, then used Skype and phone for follow-ups, with email support)

Image of mature smiling woman against blue sky


"My first appointment with Sarah was face to face ... since then, I have been treated by phone. I find this system works really well for me for several reasons. Firstly, I currently have walking difficulties and phone consultations avoid the practical difficulties of travel to [the clinic], including lost work hours and expense. Secondly, telephone discussions allow me to feel safe and secure in my own space and the comfort of my own home. I find it easier to express myself and am able to let go of any emotions which inevitably come up. Sarah is always very respectful if this and allows time for any feelings to flow out and settle before moving on. Sometimes I feel very drained and tired after a phone session, and being at home enables me to rest afterwards as needed throughout the day, without having the stress of travelling long distances. I believe that phone treatments are a very positive way forward."

Erica McCrimmon, Isle of Wight, UK (Erica chose an initial face-to-face consultation, then telephone sessions)


"This e-mail is just to let you know that I am doing really well, and healing and balancing out beautifully on the remedies you gave me. I feel 20 years younger, connected to my own healing powers and just happy with what is… So all in all, I am doing great and very very happy for the lovely support, and your skills during a very intense time for me. I am truly grateful for your work, Sarah, thank you so much."

Elena Stevenson, France (Elena chose consultations using Skype and phone, with email support)